DANO VastgoedBeheer is known for its great technical expertise, high quality reports and excellent service. As a result, we are not a price fighter but we work at competitive prices. This guarantees you the best service and highest expertise for your investments.


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* Points of attention

The above prices apply to homes with a maximum volume of 800m³.
Surcharge> 800 m³: € 0.25 excl. VAT per m³.

Additional costs collecting / returning keys
cost for collecting / returning keys outside a radius of 10 km of the object to be inspected, with a maximum of 20 km: € 25.00 excl. VAT.

Additional travel expenses
additional cost for travel distance from the office in Roggel is included up to 30 km, after that € 0.19 / km + travel time at € 75 per hour excluding VAT.